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Jeff Shi shares plans to improve fan engagement at Wolves

Fan engagement at football clubs has been on the agenda lately following the Super League debacle.

It’s something Jeff Shi was asked about in a Q&A which was published on the club website.

Shi was clear that he felt the current fan parliament system wasn’t working and is actively trying to improve it.

Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

“Five years ago, the first thing for me was the Fans’ Parliament,” said Shi. “I attended maybe more than ten times, but it’s not working so well. Even if you have 100 people there, they cannot represent the whole group of fans.

“But if any fan can give me some ideas I didn’t think about or are really, really good to put into practice, I will welcome that. I’m still thinking about some ideas, because I don’t think the Fans’ Parliament worked very well.

“I want to try and get it directly from the fans, not only a small group of people. So any fan can ask any question to me. Even sometimes if it’s not so sensible, I want to hear at least. It’s a kind of renovation I want to have.

“Maybe, in future, more things like this will happen. Not only broadcasting, but some calls, some emails, trying to touch the fans directly and listen to them.”

It is promising that Shi and those in the corridors of power at Wolves want to engage fans more effectively.

Again, the proof will be in the pudding. The Super League debacle underlined the importance of all clubs gauging fan feeling before making big decisions.

Whether Shi will do this remains to be seen. He says he went to his first ineffective Fans’ Parliament five years ago and doesn’t seem to have changed too much since then.

But fans having more of a say in how their club is fun is always to be celebrated.