South American expert Tim Vickery backs Wolves to sign Joao Gomes ahead of Lyon

South American football expert Tim Vickery believes Wolves sign Flamengo star Joao Gomes ahead of Lyon.

Wolves are endeavoring to sign the Brazilian, having looked last week as though it would be fairly straightforward.

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The player was ready to fly to England to come and do his medical.

But at the eleventh hour, Lyon came in for Gomes and offered more money to Flamengo than Wolves.

In recent days the French club have had officials in Rio trying to hijack the deal.

Earlier today, Alex Crook reported that Wolves are the player’s first choice.

Lyon may have offered more money, but Gomes wants to come to England. And he has apparently communicated this to Lyon.

Tim Vickery, who is based out in South America, appeared on Sky Sports News today to discuss the situation.

In his eyes, Wolves are still well placed to sign Gomes.

He said: “As I understand it, the Lyon deal would offer Flamengo, the way it’s structured, a little bit more money. But the player wants the Premier League.

“They were happy when the Wolves deal came in. They will be even happier if he accepts Lyon. But I think the fact he wants to go to Wolves, probably puts them in pole position.”

Vickery believes Gomes would be suited to English football.

He went on to say that Gomes was ‘carrying the piano’ in Flamengo’s midfield, and painted the picture of him that he is a workhorse who is physically very good.

He added that he hasn’t really had a chance yet to develop the creative side of his game due to the role he’s been asked to perform. Vickery says the youngster is very ‘combative’.

Joao Gomes stance means Wolves can sign the midfielder easily if they want to

Wolves really ought to be getting this deal over the line.

Lyon have come in at the eleventh hour and complicated things.

But the main thing here is that Gomes wants to join Wolves and come and play in the Premier League.

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With that, Wolves should simply match Lyon’s offer, since it is only a little bit more according to Vickery.

It is surely not worth risking dragging this out. If another Premier League club decides to offer even more than Lyon, then that would be a real problem.