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Bruno Lage admits he doesn't know if Connor Ronan will stay at Wolves

Bruno Lage has admitted he doesn’t know yet if Connor Ronan will be a part of his Wolves squad for 2022/23.

The midfielder played a fairly big part in pre-season, as he sought to impress the Wanderers head coach.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

Ronan enjoyed a superb season in 2021/22 with St Mirren, and ended up winning their Player of the Season award.

Ronan has been back with Wolves this summer, and has apparently done quite well.

It was reported a few weeks ago that he had made an impression on some of his teammates and the coaching staff out in Alicante.

Ronan’s immediate future has been a point of interest this summer following his strong previous campaign.

He’s had several loan spells since coming to the club at the age of 16. And some have been wondering whether he could now be ready to play in the Premier League.

Lage has spoken about the 24-year-old, and admits he is currently unsure if he’ll be sticking around.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

He said (via Express & Star): “I really don’t know. What I know, is that he impressed me when he came back in December and January and he trained with us. We gave him a chance to do pre-season with us and I’m very happy with him.

“The most important things now are the things he can do day by day.”

Ronan has previously made 13 appearances for the first-team. But he is yet to feature for Wolves in the top-flight.

There has been lots of talk about Wolves bringing in a new midfielder during this window.

Should that happen, it will be very interesting to see if Ronan is kept, or if he will go out on loan once again.

Lage and the board at odds over Connor Ronan?

It seems strange at this point that Lage doesn’t know if Ronan will be a part of his squad going forwards.

Surely having seen him in pre-season he would know by now if he wanted him to be involved.

One wonders whether the manager and the board are currently at odds over Ronan.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

Lage says he’s impressed him, so why is it that he is unsure if he’ll stick around?

Perhaps the board are looking to cash in on him. There have previously been reports of interest from the likes of Aberdeen and Hearts.

Or maybe, Lage and the board are actually expecting a new midfield arrival which would ultimately see Ronan leave.