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Scott Sellars makes honest admission about Wolves' January transfer plans that will frustrate some fans

Wolves will not be bringing in ‘a large number’ of new signings this month, according to technical director Scott Sellars.

Fans have been waiting patiently for January to arrive.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

In the eyes of some, Fosun did not back Bruno Lage as well as they could have during the last transfer window.

Recently there was a report from The Telegraph suggesting Fosun were reluctant to bankroll any major additions this month.

And it looks like that information is true.

Wolves have put out a communication tonight from Sellars, who has made an honest admission about how the club will be operating this month.

Despite Wolves having a fairly small squad, he said: “It’s hard to predict what happens in any transfer window, but it’s certain that we won’t bring in a large number of new signings, and firstly we will focus on providing Lage with immediate back up at a time when all clubs are suffering with injuries and Covid issues, and at the same time give opportunities to our young players who have been doing so well out on loan.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

“January is always difficult because clubs don’t want to let players go, especially with the uncertainty of the current circumstances. It’s difficult to get the targets you want, and as a football club, we won’t buy players for the sake of it to make up numbers. We’d rather use the young players out on loan, and wait for our injured players to come back, than spend money on players who aren’t going to improve the squad we already have.

“Finding better players than what you’ve already got, as you go through the leagues and progress, is tougher. We’ve got a fantastic squad, whose mentality, work ethic, professionalism and focus is outstanding, and that’s why we’re in the position we are.”

These comments from Sellars are probably not going to go down well.

In a lot of people’s eyes right now, Bruno Lage is working wonders with limited resources.

There is potential for him to turn Wolves into a fantastic team if properly backed.

Scott Sellars update is frustrating

So Wolves are set for a quiet January.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

That is going to be frustrating for many people and probably Lage himself.

The manager has regularly called publicly for new players.

For whatever reason, it looks as though Wolves just can’t bring in several new faces right now.

While the transparency and honesty is appreciated with this statement, it is difficult not to feel as though there is a lack of ambition from the top.

At least the statement doesn’t say ‘any’ new signings. So there is a shred of hope fans could still get maybe one incoming this month.