PSG midfielder Danilo Pereira took to Instagram last night to reveal he has been given a ‘Ruben Neves 8’ Wolves shirt.

The pair are currently together with the national team for games against Spain, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Presumably Neves handed Pereira the jersey.

And the star was seemingly quite pleased, captioning his video on his Story ‘Coisa linda’, which translates to ‘Beautiful thing’.

Pereira and Neves do actually go way back.

They were at FC Porto together, and shared the field 48 times before Neves left in 2017 to join Wolves in the Championship.

Pereira would stay at Porto until 2020, joining French giants PSG in October.

A few fans have wildly speculated whether this could mean the players are set to become teammates again.

Photo credit should read MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images

Pereira, bottom right first on the right, Neves bottom middle

Given everything that has been written about Neves recently, it’s more likely that he would go and link up with Pereira at the Parc des Princes, rather than Pereira come to Molineux.

Realistically though, it was simply a nice gesture from Neves which Pereira made public on his Instagram.

It is certainly a nice memento for Pereira, as Neves could easily go on to have a fantastic career.

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