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Strong opinion: VAR is fundamentally wrong for not giving Wolves a penalty

VAR is a controversial addition to the beautiful game of football that is fundamentally wrong for not giving Wolves a penalty against Newcastle United.

Wolves have been hurt by VAR a lot this Premier League season.

And it’s okay when the decisions are right, but so often they’re not. A lot of VAR decisions in football have been wrong and there’s no excuses.

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VAR has cost Wolves six points

There’s a lot of examples that go against the implementation of VAR. Watford should have had a penalty against Tottenham and Dele Alli’s goal should have been ruled-out for handball.

Burnley’s second goal against Leicester should’ve also counted to give them a 2-2 draw. And Wolves should’ve had a penalty against Newcastle United in the dying minutes of the second-half.

Wolves and VAR do not have a good relationship. Leander Dendoncker’s notorious goal should’ve stood against Leicester to give Wolves a 1-0 win. These extra 3 points would – as of writing – put Wolves at 6th/7th in the Premier League table rather than 12th.

Nuno Espirito Santo’s side should’ve also had a penalty against Newcastle United to grab a 2-1 win. The six points cost by VAR are the difference between Wolves in 5th and the reality of being in the bottom half.

And the FA and VAR have no excuses.

David Luiz conceded a penalty against Liverpool at Anfield for slightly pulling on Mohammed Salah’s shirt. But nothing was given when Matt Doherty suffered the same at St James’ Park (Daily Mail).

The VAR officials gave nothing because they’re too scared to overrule decisions made by referees on the pitch. This makes VAR a complete waste of time as it’s good for nothing other than offsides.

VAR should stop teams from losing points thanks to mistakes but it has instead inspired more tiresome arguments. It has also ruined the experience of going to matches as it alienates crowds to provide drama for those watching at home.

In short it is ruining football while costing teams such as Wolves too many points. It either needs to be changed or removed, and we’re not afraid to say we side with those who sing “f**k VAR.”