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Wolves fans have the right to be annoyed with referee inconsistency after last night's game at the Emirates

It has been almost a week since Mario Lemina was controversially sent off for Wolves against Southampton by referee Jarred Gillett.

The midfielder was dismissed at St. Mary’s Stadium via two yellow cards.

His first was for a tackle on Carlos Alcaraz early doors.

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It wasn’t the best challenge, although some other officials would have let it go given how early it was in the game.

The big controversy surrounded the awarding of the second yellow.

Lemina felt aggrieved for not getting a free-kick. When the ball went out of play, he made his way over to Gillett to remonstrate.

But the official immediately brandished a yellow card, with Ruben Neves explaining afterwards that it was because Lemina was the third player to surround Gillett.

Neves and Joao Moutinho were already there talking to him. But Lemina’s added presence was deemed unacceptable.

It was a truly bizarre decision, as we have not really seen anything like it before.

What is making it difficult to accept is the fact there seems to have been no prior warning from the PGMOL/the Premier League. Had there been some communication, Lemina might never have gone over and run the risk of getting sent off.

Ruben Dias picked up a booking in a similar fashion the day after for Manchester City in their game against Aston Villa.

So it, at least, looked like this rule was going to be enforced properly.

But in last night’s game at the Emirates Stadium between Arsenal and City, there was no upholding of this rule.

Referee Anthony Taylor awarded a penalty to Arsenal after a foul by Ederson on Eddie Nketiah.

The City players were not happy with the decision, and swarmed Taylor for an explanation.

At least half the team were around him, but no cards were dished out.

Seeing this unfold leaves a bitter taste, and only fuels the idea that Wolves were on the receiving end of refereeing incompetence.

Wolves fans have every right to feel angry, as referee Anthony Taylor fails to book players for surrounding him

Many Wolves fans caught last night’s game between City and Arsenal, and were quick to point out Taylor’s failure to dish out any cards.

By not doing this, it only gives the impression that Gillett completely lost his head in Wolves’ game with Southampton with the sending off of Lemina.

If there was some consistency, then Wolves fans would be slightly more accepting.

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There were opportunities last night for the PGMOL to send a message regarding players surrounding their officials.

Maybe Taylor wasn’t told about booking players for surrounding him, because it isn’t actually a thing and Gillett just showed a complete lack of clear judgement.