Dani Carvajal may have put Wolves right off with Champions League display last night
Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images

Dani Carvajal may have put Wolves right off with Champions League display last night

A lot of Wolves fans will likely have tuned into last night’s Champions League semi-final between Real Madrid and Manchester City, in which reported target Dani Carvajal was heavily involved.

It was the first-leg at the Bernabeu, and it promised to be a great game between two of the best sides in world football.

And it didn’t disappoint, with the two sides sharing the spoils at 1-1.

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There were two outstanding goals from Vinicius Jr and Kevin De Bruyne, and there was also several incidents in the game.

The game was fiercely contested, and some have criticised referee Artur Dias for letting a lot of challenges go unpunished.

One man who often took centre stage last night was Dani Carvajal for Real Madrid.

The right-back was up against Jack Grealish, and the Spaniard really did not give a good account of himself.

He seemed to only really want to get under Grealish’s skin, and he did succeed in doing that.

But he didn’t actually get close to taking the ball off the England international fairly, and fouled him repeatedly. Somehow, he avoided getting a yellow card in the game.

Photo by THOMAS COEX/AFP via Getty Images

There was a moment in the first-half when he shoved Grealish into the advertising boards, which was reckless and dangerous. He could very easily have seriously hurt Grealish. The City man then unsurprisingly batted Carvajal away when he tried to help him up.

Carvajal then threw himself to the ground incredibly theatrically, which was embarrassing.

One wonders if any Wolves officials happened to watching last night’s game.

Earlier this year, it was claimed Wanderers could make a summer move for Carvajal, with Julen Lopetegui apparently a fan.

But surely following his antics last night Wolves will have been put right off.

Wolves are best off steering clear of Dani Carvajal this summer

Watching last night, it was difficult to imagine Carvajal being a good signing for Wolves.

He didn’t really offer anything for Real, and it was beyond belief that he escaped being booked. Spanish publications have, predictably, lapped his display up. But UK outlets have generally been less kind.

Photo By Oscar J. Barroso/Europa Press via Getty Images

On top of the four fouls he committed in the game, Carvajal only won 3/11 of the duels he contested. He also had 0/3 dribbles, and was dispossessed 10 times (via Sofascore).

Wolves have really benefitted from adding players that are combative to their squad in recent times. Like Mario Lemina and Diego Costa.

But on the evidence if last night, Carvajal seems like he’d be one major risk of a signing.

If he played the same way he did last night in a Premier League game, he likely wouldn’t have seen half-time. The referee allowed him to get away with far too much.