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Wolves striker Fabio Silva suggests people forget how young he is

Wolves striker Fabio Silva believes people tend to forget how young he is.

The Wanderers centre-forward is now coming to the end of his second season at Molineux, after signing for the club from FC Porto in the summer of 2020.

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It has been a testing first couple of years at the club for Silva.

Last term, he played much more than he was supposed to following the injury to Raul Jimenez

The club did move to sign Willian Jose on loan in January, but Silva still made 32 appearances in the Premier League for a total of 1353 minutes.

This term, chances have been harder to come by with Jimenez back fit again.

So far, he’s made 21 Premier League appearances for a total of 544 minutes.

He is still yet to score this term, which is a little disappointing.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

That said, Silva’s game has clearly been improving. And it is difficult to build momentum when you’re in and (mostly) out of the team – especially as a young player.

Silva has been speaking about his form at Wolves, and also the support he has around him.

He said (Wolves official): “I don’t have a lot of friends. I know a lot of people in football, all the people want to meet you, but I have my close friends, the people I trust. I have my agent, my father, my family, the staff, my team mates, and I think when you want to play, you have to pay attention to these people because they want to help you.

“It’s difficult because I think people forget I’m 19 years old, you need to have time to learn some things. I came from the league in Portugal. It’s different to the Premier League. I have to hold more of the ball, I have to have more ball, be faster, and it’s like that.”

Some people do lose sight of Fabio Silva’s age and inexperience

There is no doubt that Silva having not scored once this season is underwhelming.

But it has been tricky for him given his status as an understudy to Jimenez.

Often he comes in on games in the final stages and it can be difficult to have an impact.

Photo by Jack Thomas – WWFC/Wolves via Getty Images

Silva still gets criticised a lot by some people on social media. Sometimes it is warranted, but quite often it isn’t.

His price tag certainly does not help, and it’s unfortunate because he obviously didn’t choose that.

Hopefully in season three things will start to click for Silva. Who knows if that will be at Molineux or on loan at another club.