According to the Daily Mail, the government are set to ban betting companies from sponsoring football shirts – which would impact Wolves

The Old Gold are one of nine Premier League clubs currently sponsored by gambling firms.

The Castore strips are emblazoned with the logo of ManBetX, who came on board in June 2019.

They replaced W88, a Malaysian casino company, who now sponsor Crystal Palace instead.

The report claims the government want to ban betting companies from sponsoring the front of football shirts in this country when they create a new white paper this winter.

That said, the restriction may not come into effect until 2023.

Other betting bans are also being considered, such as on television during ad-breaks and on pitch-side hoardings but these are less likely at this stage.

Alcohol companies were once popular sponsors but they have now disappeared from football shirts and it looks like the same fate could befall gambling.


Here’s how the report went down with some Wolves fans on Twitter as the club waits to see what comes of the proposal…