The Wolverhampton Wanderers social media team are on a roll.

Last night was one of the craziest nights football has seen in a very long time, as one by one, clubs announced their intentions to pull out of the proposed European Super League.

News filtered through about Chelsea just before their Premier League game against Brighton, with fans having been protesting.

Then Manchester City followed, and by late last night, all of the so-called Big Six had released statements that they were pulling out.

There was also news of Ed Woodward resigning from Manchester United.

Information was coming out by the minute, and supporters were glued to the action on social media.

Watching on was the Wolves social media team, who have already made headlines in the past 48 hours or so with some funny takes.

First they wrote ‘So you’re saying top seven could be back on?’ on Sunday when everything first started kicking off.

Then, admins changed the club’s Twitter bio yesterday so that it read ‘Official account of Wolverhampton Wanderers. Premier League champions 2018/19’.

With all the Big Six now pulling out of the ESL, the team produced another belter last night, following up the last tweet with ‘For sale: 20,000 Champions scarves. DM offers. Looking for a quick sale. No timewasters’.

In addition to that, the bio has been tweaked again so that it now reads ‘No longer Premier League Champions 2018/19’ with a sad face emoji, of course.

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