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Wolverhampton Wanderers Unveil new Signing Nelson Semedo
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Tim Spiers explains the details behind Nelson Semedo's Wolves transfer fee

Wolverhampton Wanderers are apparently unlikely to pay the full £37 million for wing-back Nelson Semedo that was reported by several outlets at the time.

Several publications said that the 27-year-old had arrived at Molineux last summer with the Wanderers’ deal with Barcelona being worth £37 million in total.

BBC Sport said at the time that the club would be paying around £27 million initially, with the rest to come via add-ons.

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But it seems Wolves are highly unlikely to actually fork out those extra payments, with journalist Tim Spiers revealing what the stipulations are.

Speaking on the latest Molineux View podcast with Jacqui Oatley, he said: “What I was told was it won’t reach £37 million because I think one of these stipulations for the add-ons was winning a European competition.

“So, that’s extremely unlikely to happen, so it’s £27 million, I was told quickly rising to £29m, which I think is based on a small number of appearances but then quite a few further add-ons after that.

“It’s very unlikely to reach £37m, but certainly £29/30 million is what they have paid for him.”

Semedo slowly proving decent value

Given he is unlikely to ever cost over £30 million, it can be argued that Semedo is proving to be good value for money.

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It is worth remembering also that his predecessor Matt Doherty made £15 million for the club when he was sold to Tottenham Hotspur (BBC Sport), which puts more of shine on the deal.

If he can just add some goals and assists to his game, and also improve his sense of danger, Wolves will have a top-class full-back on their hands.

The signs are there, and he could well flourish from his second season onwards at Molineux.