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Jamie Carragher sums up Wolves with savage comment on The Overlap

Jamie Carragher has summer up the feeling about Wolves on the latest episode of The Overlap Fan Debate Midseason Special.

The club have struggled this season and are currently second bottom in the Premier League.

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The team have scored just eight goals, and won just two games.

Bruno Lage was sacked at the start of October, with Julen Lopetegui starting next week as his successor.

Things have been pretty poor for a while now at Wolves.

The goalscoring issue has been getting worse in recent times, and there is sometimes a feeling that psychology is at play.

Like the desperation for goals in weighing so heavily on the players that it is inhibiting them.

Undoubtedly, Wolves are a poor watch for the neutral.

And Carragher summed it up with a pretty ruthless comment on the latest episode of The Overlap.

Asked what his view of Wolves is, he said: “It just feels a little bit flat. You know, you’ve had that seventh place finish twice under Nuno, but it just seemed to become boring.

“(To Gary Neville) When you were getting Wolves games for Sky, you’re a bit like ooof. It just felt like that, and (to Talking Wolves’ Fin) it felt like that from your own supporters. It never felt like there was a buzz or an excitement after those initial first few years.”

Wolves have been boring to watch, and Julen Lopetegui must bring exciting football

There is no getting away from it – Wolves have played poor football for a long time now.

Carragher made his comment in a jokey way, but deep down he probably half meant it.

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Wolves fans have been starved of a brand of football that yields goals for too long now. There are some fantastic players at Molineux, who are capable of much more than they are currently showing.

Lopetegui is coming in, and while getting results is the most important thing at the moment, long-term it needs to be about bringing a brand of football that will excite supporters.

At the end of the day football is about entertainment. Most fans can forgive a few poor results here and there if they are regularly jumping out of their seats.