Wolves welcome Liverpool to Molineux as Premier League action resumes on Saturday afternoon.

A trip to Molineux isn’t one which Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp will be looking forward to however, given how his last visit went.

Last season, Liverpool were defeated convincingly by Wolves with Old Gold ending up 3-0 winners.

This has left Jürgen Klopp to be incredibly respectful in his press conference, acknowledging the game as a difficult one.

He said, “We expect a massive fight and that’s what we have to be ready for.”

It is this respect that will please Gary O’Neil as he will see it as respect from Klopp.

Crystal Palace v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League
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Klopp praises Wolves

Continuing his praise of Old Gold, Klopp explained that no game is easy in the Premier League: “It’s the Premier League, if you asked me now, ‘Is there any away ground where you like to go and think oh my God, we have the points already’, there is none. Wolves for sure not as well.”

Klopp then explained what he makes of the current Wolves squad.

“[I am] 100 per cent sure the manager didn’t want to lose Matheus Nunes late in the window, they lost a few key players.”

Klopp continued, “and then you look at the line-up and think, ‘Wow, that’s real quality.’ Players like Hwang and Kalajdzic don’t even start, they still have Neto and other guys, so it’s a really, really good football team and that’s the team we prepare for.”

Finally Klopp explained that he hasn’t been pleased with the decisions that have gone agains this side this season, and suggested Wolves have also been unlucky.

“We’re unlucky obviously now early in the season already with decisions, which happens to all of us but not all these decisions lead directly to a bad result – in their case I think it was like that.”

Klopp confirms key player is injured

With Virgil van Djik already missing the game due to suspension, it has been confirmed Trent Alexander Arnold will also miss the game.

Rumours all week hinted that a return was possible but Klopp has ruled him out, but insists it doesn’t matter.

When asked on the impact of Trent being out, he said: “[The] dynamic, not so much.”

But added they will miss his passing: “But if you know another passer like Trent tell me, who can play this position, that would be really cool.”

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