Liverpool v Wolverhampton Wanderers: Emirates FA Cup Third Round
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Former Wolves midfielder Karl Henry rages over Mo Salah goal

Former Wolves midfielder Karl Henry expressed his rage on Twitter last night about Mo Salah’s goal for Liverpool.

The 2-2 result in the FA Cup third round was incident-packed, and the game is still being dissected this morning. Mostly by Wolves supporters.

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The big controversy was the Toti Gomes goal that was disallowed.

But there were also a few other things that happened that have left people unhappy.

Liverpool’s second goal was scored by Mo Salah in the 52nd minute.

Replays showed that Salah was offside when the ball was played in by Cody Gakpo. But before the ball reached him, Toti attempted to head the ball clear. He got contact on it, and his header fell to the Egyptian, who finished past Matija Sarkic.

The laws of the game say the goal was right to stand. Because Toti made an attempt to play the ball before Salah received.

Venting on Twitter, Henry said: “I’m honestly sick and tired of the offside rule that allowed Salah’s goal! It’s absolute nonsense! Nobody will tell me otherwise. I raised this in a meeting with IFAB a few years ago. Unfortunately, only pressure from current players and coaches will force their hand.”

On Match of the Day, pundits Dannny Murphy and Stephen Warnock both had sympathy for Wolves and Toti.

Warnock suggested that the player has to deal with the danger, because he cannot take the risk of Salah not being flagged for offside.

The offside law needs to change following Mo Salah’s FA Cup goal against Wolves

Salah’s goal was right to stand under the current laws. But the laws are wrong and should be revised in the wake of this game.

Salah was in an offside position when the ball was played in. He was the intended recipient of the pass.

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Toti should not be punished for trying to clear his lines. Why would he not try to clear his lines when he knows there’s a player running in behind him?

He’s got to play that ball, because he cannot take the risk of the linesman then not flagging Salah for offside.